Hard Rock Mining

What’s the best Jumbo, I’ve been asked.

Sandvic (Tamrock) #1
Atlas Copco

 That’s a great question.
There’s a lot of opinions out there.
This is what I think,

(Tamrock/Sandvic)  by far. It’s my favorite. Loaders too, but we’re talking Jumbo’s here.

Atlas Copco is great, but if I could choose. Suppose you know which one I’d jump on.

There are just a couple of reasons. Atlas Copco has that two of the same boom setup, and the button to change functions.  But it is a good jumbo, and I have drilled a lot with it. Some miners like Atlas Copco the best, I know. But to me, there is no other like Tamrock!

Don’t take offense to this picture. I made it

I’m also from the Silver Valley. I just thought it was a neat idea. Born, raised, married, and raised my family there. But the Valley has changed a lot after most of the mines shut down. The towns, bars, and mines were booming. No better place back then. Wild?  Let’s just say, Yes it was and how I loved it!! So many great times.

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The Tramp Miner

A tramp miner travels (tramps) the world in search of opportunities. Unlike many jobs, a miner has to go where the mines are. If he/she wants to remain gainfully employed, the tramp miner must be flexible enough to call most any place home. The birth of the Global Community has created many more international professions and a new wave of Tramp Miners.

Tramp Mining

When is it time to quit Tramp Mining?  Is it age, job security?  Maybe now,

maybe the next job? Hmmm……  Does that feeling go away? Does one just know? So little time, so many places and different people. I know I love it, But yes, she doesn’t…..What to do…… Ahhh…. hmmm

I’ll just worry about it later!



The Contract Miner

A contract miner is a miner who goes, from mine to mine working for those. Working for those who can’t get it done, so they all call the one. He needs no directions has nothing to prove, just a heading to call home and rock to move. To get the job done safely and right, he gives it all then heads to the light. Love for the work brings him back the next day, to finish the contract and be on his way. To the next mine that can’t get it done. Arrives the contractor miner.

Rock Burst (aka Air Blast)
A spontaneous, violent fracture of rock that can occur in deep mines. The opening of Ground relieves neighboring rocks of tremendous pressure, which can cause the rock to explode as it attempts to re-establish equilibrium. Rock bursts are a very serious hazard. Many Miners’ lives have changed because of an AIR BLAST!

Miners: We will never DIE!

We will just drift on to the better ground. The rock there needs no timber, bolts, or pumps. It will drill, like snow, break like glass, and muck like flour. Then, in the stopes the Oilers will never run low, bits will always be sharp. Yes, we’ll love it! Just think of it. Steel that will never shank, and compressors that will never die. Plus, I bet you, the equipment will always be new, and there will never be any powder smoke.
Then our tonnage and footage will easily, and always be met! The whiskey: Well it will flow like water. Our women: They will always be ready for love. Yes, once again we’ll be and we will stay at the Top of the Contract Board. Plus …. the best part is. We will never be broke again! Last but not least, Always Remember. Our memories will always be drifting on, in their hearts. ~ So, my friend – Just keep drifting on. ~

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