It’s not just about mining anymore.

I’m adding things about my drones, and other DJI products.
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DJI Products,

Well, I really like them.
Just wish they were made in the USA.
Need a company to start up here in the US and start making this kind of product.
The USA could smoke them! The outlet stores and repair services are in the USA.
Which is a good thing!

Texas is where DJI had My Mavic 2 Pro rebuilt after a crash.
Only $143.00 to completely rebuilt like new.
Yes, they were great, turn around time was about 10 days from when I sent it in.
First, they looked at it, then gave me a quote.
I gave the go-ahead and paid for it.

After that, a few days and I had it back.

My DJI Products are:

Mavic mini (My son now has)

Mavic 2 Pro

Mavic 2 Zoom

Smart Controller

Osmo 3 Mobile


Osmo Pocket ( My newest)

DJI Goggles